Actuated Musical Instruments Guild

"We perform with or compose for actuated musical instruments, which produce tangible sound by way of vibrating element(s) that are co-manipulated by both live performers and electromechanical systems. Actuated musical instruments often incorporate feedback control, and they provide an intuitive interface for creating novel and even sometimes emergent sonic interactions."

Overholt's research interests include musical interface technology, the development of hybrid physical/digital musical instruments, designing novel sensors and actuators, and real-time synthesis, analysis, and effects processing algorithms.
Berdahl's research interests include real-time sound synthesis, feedback control, physical modeling, human-computer interaction, sound design, signal processing, acoustics, and embedded systems.

Hamilton's interests include mixed reality composition and performance, music and virtual Worlds, game engines as 3D musical environments, and compositional, improvisational, and performance applications of interactive software-based systems.

Bloland is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music whose works have been described as having an "incandescent effect" with "dangerous and luscious textures." His compositions range from short intimate solo pieces to works for large orchestra, incorporate video, dance, custom built electronics.

Alexandros proposes a novel design approach of physically performed digital audio effects. HIS musical worries and practices are somewhere in the middle of amBIEnt, electRonica, BARoque, MINImalism, elecTROPop and avant-GARDE. Honestly.

McPherson is a composer and researcher and the creator of the magnetic resonator piano, an electronically-augmented acoustic piano using electromagnetic string actuation and continuous key position sensing. His research interests include instrument and interface design and embedded audio signal processing systems.

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